1350 Rear Output Flange - 32 spline, NVG241OR with Speed Sensor
2" Pilot Diameter, 3" Bolt Centers

Part #1963 -- $175.00

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JB Conversions, Inc.

This REAR OUTPUT flange is for NVG241OR transfer cases equipped with a speed sensor mounted in the tailhousing. This flange replaces the original 1330 cv series yoke or balancer found on 241OR’s (Jeep TJ application).

A new factory specification dust shield is installed onto the flange so that the original oil seal functions correctly. We strongly recommend using the dust shield since it can be easily replaced as normal wear occurs from the seal lip. There are some replacement yokes/flanges on the market for the 241OR that do not use the dust shield and force disposal and replacement of the entire flange once the seal surface is worn (very costly).

The rear spline area of the flange has been counterbored to fit the stock transfer case output shaft. The flange is coated with black oxide to prohibit rust. This is another feature not offered by other companies. The pilot diameter is 2" and the bolt circle is 4".

JB Conversions, Inc.