1310 High Clearance CV Yoke - 32 X 2" spline bore

Part #1942 -- $75.00

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JB Conversions, Inc.

The only "high clearance" shorty yoke on the market!

  • 4-1/2 Degrees added angularity over Spicer #2-4-5341
  • 5/8" shorter in overall length than Spicer #2-4-5341

The common Spicer #2-4-5341 is a CV style yoke widely used throughout the aftermarket on the applications noted above. The shape of the Spicer yoke is not conducive to high angle driveshaft configurations. The Spicer yoke will often bind during suspension droop. Our new yoke will alleviate this problem by adding the necessary clearance in critical areas of the yoke. In addition, the new yoke is 5/8" shorter than the Spicer part therefore adding to the effort of maximizing rear driveline length for lifted 4x4's. This yoke is the only one of its kind on the market.

This 1310 High Clearance CV yoke is common to many applications. Notice the advantages shown in the photos below.

JB Conversions, Inc.
JB Conversions, Inc.


Our high clearance yoke is a common replacement for the competitors yoke #2-4-5341.

JB Conversions, Inc.