NP231C, NP233C HD Super Short SYE

Super Short SYE

Installed photo.

Part #16-1206-1945 -- $375.00 (w/1310 CV Yoke)

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Part #16-1206-1951 -- $400.00 (w/1350 Non CV Yoke)

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Part #16-1206-1967 -- $425.00 (w/1350 Rear Output Flange)

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  • All applications of the NP231 or NP233 requiring a GM speed sensor.

Kit Components

  • Custom rear bearing housing (assembled)
  • 32 spline HD mainshaft
  • 1310CV end yoke
  • Custom tone wheel

Note: Customer reuses existing GM speed sensor.


Customer requests have indicated a need to supply a slip yoke eliminator (SYE) kit that utilizes the stock GM speed sensor. The most common application for this kit is the instance in which the entire drivetrain (engine, transmission, and transfer case) is being removed from a 4.3L equipped S-10 truck or Blazer and being transplanted into something else. In any instance where a GM speed pulse is needed, this kit fills the bill.

The new Shorty SYE kit features and all-new, 32 spline mainshaft and heat treated (T6) aluminum bearing housing. The kit measures 9" shorter than stock. This overall reduction in transfer case length equates in a longer rear driveshaft and improved driveline angles. The big 32 spline output shaft accommodates end yokes from 1310 to the 1 ton 1410 series.

Installation is easy and no special tools are required aside from a good pair of flat-head snap ring pliers (Sears). The transfer case can remain in the vehicle during the installation of the SYE however it is recommended that the unit be removed prior to the install.

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Installation Instructions

Install Instructions

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