Dana 300 Input Retainer Kit (29-spline NV4500 only)

Dana 300 Input Retainer 29 spline

Part #15-1100 -- $300.00

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Until now, the NV4500 "heavy-duty" was an offering made only to the diesel equipped Dodge 1-tons. With the need for added strength, gas versions of the NV4500 are now being equipped from NVG with the same large mainshaft as found on the diesel units. From (and including) the 5th gear out to the end spline, the "HD" NV4500 is much stronger due to a larger diameter mainshaft and increased spline count - 29 vs. 23. All Dana 300's are equipped from the manufacturer with a 23 spline input gear. In order for the NV4500 HD to match up to the Dana 300, a new input gear must be installed into the transfer case. For all NV4500 applications, the Dana 300 input assembly must be removed, disassembled, and reassembled with the aluminum retainer kit as noted in our various NV4500 packages. During this assembly cycle of the input cluster, the input gear is reinstalled just as it was removed. Simply installing the new 29 spline input gear instead of the stock 23 spline unit is all that is required to allow a proper match for the big 29 spline output shaft of the HD NV4500.We are offering the 29 spline NV4500 for the same cost as the 23 spline version. The only added cost of making this upgrade is the cost of the new 29 spline Dana 300 input gear.

Applies to all Jeep DANA 300 transfer cases being used with the 29 spline Dodge version of the NV4500 transmission.

  • Allows proper mounting for the DANA 300 transfer case to the new style NV4500 transmission.
  • Retains a true oil seal on the front DANA 300 input shaft.
  • New shim pack and snap ring allows for correct input shaft end play setting.
  • Utilizes a stock open ball bearing for superior oil lubrication.


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