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NP231 partial master rebuild kit -- Part #2033 -- $200.00

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NP231 master rebuild kit -- Part #2034 -- $225.00

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Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit Applications: Supplemental NP231 Rebuild Kit

If the JB Conversions, Inc. Heavy Duty Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit is being installed into the NP231 at the time of rebuild, we offer a supplemental rebuild kit which includes the remaining bearings, seals, etc. for a total transfer case rebuild. These supplemental items cover items not included or necessary for the installation of the Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit.

2017 CHAIN: Genuine Borg-Warner Morse (OEM) $150.00

The input bearings of the NP231J are configured one of two ways. Due to inconsistencies in assembly numbers, it is difficult to predetermine the input bearing type on pre-1995 applications of the NP231J. A special reference is made to this bearing in the pricing section of the rebuild kit data listed below.

Our top-of-the-line rebuild kits feature higher quality components than any of our competitors. We assemble each kit with the standard list of bearings and seals then go one step further by including all of the incidental small parts. By including items such as fork pads, retaining rings, O-rings, etc..., the hassle of running to the dealer for an odd part is removed. One specific advantage to our kits is the quality of the oil seals. The input and output seals feature a dual lip with an inside and outside spring. These dual springs are unsurpassed for holding in the oil and keeping out grit and grime.

After rebuilding transfer cases and transmissions for more than 10 years, we have learned several things about rebuild kits. All rebuild kits are not the same. There is a wide range in quality and content from one kit to the next. Some seals are better than others and bearing quality is all over the board. In some cases, a bearing or seal can be missing from a rebuild kit because of a surprise change in a given model year. Dealerships are not always open late at night or on weekends. Therefore the ultimate solution to hassle-free rebuilding is to purchase one of our premium rebuild kits.