Dana 300 Input Retainer Kit (23-spline NV4500 only)

Dana 300 Input Retainer 23 spline

Part #15-1101 -- $150.00

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This kit is designed to work with the 1996 and up Dodge version of the NV4500 with 23 spline output only. The rear flange area of the OEM 4x4 tailhousing castings on '96 and later NV4500s is somewhat shallow compared to earlier models. This shallow area on the OEM housing causes interference with the stock aluminum input retainer of the DANA 300. For this reason, the new DANA 300 input retainer kit will allow you to retain the later model NV4500 tailhousing.

Applies to all Jeep DANA 300 transfer cases being used with the 23 spline Dodge version of the NV4500 transmission.

  • Allows proper mounting for the DANA 300 transfer case to the new style NV4500 transmission.
  • Retains a true oil seal on the front DANA 300 input shaft.
  • New shim pack and snap ring allows for correct input shaft end play setting.
  • Utilizes a stock open ball bearing for superior oil lubrication.


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